Project: paper insert for packaging

There are many aspects and options when it comes to packaging. Tissue paper, dust bags, boxes, mailing bags, hang tags, so on. I chose to create a paper insert with a handmade collectible token.

Making a mockup for a bag

I’m going to be blogging some of the projects for my Parsons Fashion Industry Essentials program, like one I did on Tuesday (x). This one is about making a draft version of a bag design prototype sample, and actually builds upon some previous projects.

Social media platform native analytics tools

Here is some research I did for my Parsons Fashion Industry Essentials program. The assignment is to research what kind of statistics each site provides about your audience there.

As I look back across the sea: reflections

In the midst of the sleeping, floating among clouds and dreams of those around me, it is midnight where I have just departed. Six weeks ago in the air I wrote as I went forwards; now I write again as I go back, yet still forwards. It’s been a hot, hot summer. I went south and north and south again, all over the island, into old places and new, all the while thinking of both the past and the future.

In the air: cloud thoughts at 32,000 ft

Somewhere between Moose Jaw and Saskatoon, the rest of the current populace of a 747 and I are two hours into our flight. It’s 4:19am in Toronto, the city we’ve just departed from and whose time zone I’m adjusted to. There’s at least thirteen hours left before I get to get off this zoom-y sky tube. One of the longest continuous flights in the world that you could possibly take, I’m on my way to Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, and the tip of my nose is freezing cold. Just the tip of my nose. I’m wearing all black and Dolce & Gabbana* The One.

ootd: a love affair with romantic pinks

It’s February, and seems like J’adore – Dior is all around in the air. Fashion Week(s) season has begun, and Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us. A good time for this subtly luxe, rose-tinted post I’m importing from my old page, je pense. Keep reading for a cosy fit that you’ll love year-round.    …

Postcards from your favourite nymph

Fashion is something dear to me, but style is eternal and essential. I’ve always been by nature a wanderer. Our world is such a big, wild, wonderful place it is absolutely a waste not to experience as much as possible. So where am I now?

This is a destination

Hi there, I’m Seashell. The title above was a sampler post as I set up this new blog and import some things. I’d like to share a small sneak-peek glimpse into the future of this (stylish) space. A professional confessional, if you will. Blogging the categories in the header: travel, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. This…